Melcancholic Lycanthropia

by Hasenfang

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I actually finished this album in 2003, before heading out to live with my brother in San Francisco...but I did not press it, till after I came back to Wisconsin in 2004. It was a back-to-back album I made with The Return Of Goth Girl, as originally, Goth Girl was to be a collaboration within a completely different band. Two of the songs (Forever and Scarlet Pie) were found on different albums, but I stuck them on this release because when I wrote these lyrics, back in 1995, they were all on the same page. What you are hearing is the album as it was suppose to be recorded. Blood & Wine was one of the first songs I ever composed (early 1990's). Enjoy.


released August 1, 2004

Written, recorded and produced by Michael Hasenfang
Recorded @ Sh*t Sound Studio, Madison, WI
(c) 2004 Hasenmusic




HASENFANG Redding, California

I've been writing lyrics since the late 80's and making albums since 1992.

Now living in Redding, California at the moment, married to my wonderful Elizabeth. Saving up, working, sleeping...that's about it.

Also, if I purchased your album for $1, take no offense, I'm broke and I just do that to hopefully increase your site views; cause I like your tunes. Cheers.
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Track Name: Despair
No will is left in this body of mine
All love is gone and I'm running out of time
As pale as I seem, I don't miss the sunrise
As dark as I bleed, I don't believe in pride
I don't believe in pride

So cut and kill me, for I've nothing left to feel
Despair as took my hope and bound it with a seal
If only love would come and break with fortune's wheel
I will be free again, yet another broken deal
Yet another broken deal
Track Name: Forever
I want to hold you into my arms forever
I need you here, your body endlessly
Of roses and of crosses, jewels and other flowers
These sweet and haunting dreams of you come back to me

You float off in my heart; a blood filled endless sea
And even though apart you're still that much to me

Black eyes, black lips, pale skin and dark clothes
Night till the sunrise, loving you forever
Black light, blind sight, still this hunger for you grows
And in our arms we'll sleep away the century together

Yet this numbed life I have bears a trembling hear and trembling hands
When the rocks have all turned to sand, here we shall both stand forever

Here we lay, here we sleep
Here we died and here we breathed
Angel hair and angel eyes
Under a darkened moon
Enclose the sky!
The darkness comes, the darkness grows
The darkness bleeds what we need
Let renaissance and rosaries
Blend in our hearts and never die
They stay with us forever
Track Name: Kisses
So is this how it begins?
And is this how you give?
To throw it all down the drain?
To leave me with all the pain?

You use to love, yet so did I
A shattered dream beneath the sky
Even spinning in fields of green
Didn't get me quite as dizzy
So I spin!

You use to love, yet so did I
We left our dreams up to the sky
Upon our hands these lies did lay
Upon our tongues we spit them away

And you look back down on me
In the valley of fields of green
Never again shall I spin
You blow black cherry kisses into the wind
Track Name: Eyes
And the scene, so haunting
As if a blood moon had arrived
And the temperature is dropping
Embedded in each other's arms we hide
And the night and the sea
And the wind in your hair
And the's nowhere

I don't need eyes to see
I don't need blood to bleed
I don't need ears to hear the way you say goodbye
I don't need eyes
I don't need lies

And dawn, though the day
Life me up and the stars in the sky
And the lines on my face
Cover me fears...hiding me tears
Track Name: Drown
Don't go
Why can't you stay and say that we are
I can't believe that you are so far away

It's like drowning in the deepest sea
It's like living in the darkest dreams [of my years];
Without you
Track Name: Scarlet Pie
Your lips like scarlet pie
Feeding my with sweetness, bitterly
Your lips like scarlet pie
Pushing me downward, everlastingly
Will you come inside?
Track Name: Blood & Wine
My love, you come
To mix the blood and the wine
Yet I stop
To feel the cup...
The sadness. The love.
I can't get enough
I can't get enough...
Track Name: Night Rain
Night rain falls, peacefully down
Where the nighttime blows, I follow
I scraping out the days
And sleeking for the silk grey
For nothing moves me so
More than when the night rain falls
Night rain falls...
Track Name: At My Side
The things you do at my side
When you're lying there, upon the floor, my eyes are shying
What you do at my side
When you're fast asleep I dream of you in sheer delight

The dreams I see I can't explain to you
You leave before I come and say hello again
It's like the record needle skipping in my head
Skipping here; I can't explain it
Will you come again, my dear?
I saw you once, twice, three times...I'll make it

The things you do, at my side
When you're lying there, upon the floor, my heart I'll hide
What you do, at my side
When you're fast asleep I'll dream of you, arms open wide
The things you, do at my side
What you do...
Track Name: Black Rose
Every scene:
A black rose
As it settles in my heart
As it settled in my heart

Return to me
My heart bleeds
Return to me
My heart bleeds for you