Winter Walk With Me

by Hasenfang

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Hasenfang's 7th Solo Album

WARNING: Best listened to with some hefty, ear-encompassing headphones.

The "painful" album. This LP was almost three years in the making. It was painful for an onslaught of reasons:

*Little to no equipment (my first "sound generated" album).
*Working a 72-hour shift.
*Software kept crapping out on me.
*Microphone to M-Box was crackly; bad reception.
*Switched jobs, then switched jobs, then switched jobs, then switched jobs.
*Was out of cash in between all these Cali jobs, which gives two sh*ts about their employee.
*Engineer crapped out on me; smoking pot was obviously more important.
*He also erased much of my many takes, leaving me to work with only one or two tracks...and crappy ones, at that.
*He also recorded my vocals too peaked and they came out choppy on some songs. I did not know this till I started to just mix my own stuff.
*First Mastering dude never listened to what I needed. Made "fuzzy", over tweaked, popping sound.
*Second Mastering dude decided to follow suit.
*Third Mastering dude, decided to not even read my instructions.
*Much of the tracks will now sound poppy, muffled, over-peaked and just all around low budget.
*Violet was born; which is not a bad thing; very awesome, actually. Just less time to finish album.
*Had to mix and master myself in the end, through nothing but headphones. Yeah, you heard me: HEADPHONES!

So, after finally just getting this album done on my own, I have completed Winter Walk With Me...about a half year later, past the scheduled release date. Regardless, it is St. Nicholas Day and I thought it was an appropriate time to release this digital album.

NOTE: This is a VERY themed album. In fact, I think it is safe to say, a "singularity". For as random as some of the tracks may seem; they are all related. This is a very synth-pop and shoe-gaze styled album. Sort of like Ween meet Depeche Mode. So, be sure to click on the lyrics to read, as they may be hard to understand with all the effects. Merry Christmas all, and, in the fashion of my old duo TR0LL, I give you the garage band, low grade version of my newest album. Enjoy.


released December 6, 2015

Words: 2015 Hasenmusik
Written, recorded and
produced by Michael Hasenfang
Recorded & mixed by Michael Hasenfang
@ Sir Hooting Studio - Redding, CA &
by Nick Chud @ Sourflesh - Redding, CA
Music generations by &
MAGIX Music Maker 2015

Additional musicians:
Nick Chud: backing vocals, synths
Eric Hasenfang: lead guitar
Additional Mastering by Regacy

Special thanks to: My wife Elizabeth, Mom, Dad, Eric Hasenfang, Gobbie, Carrie Hasenfang, Rebecca Getzinger, Nick Chud, Charlene Pearson, Jennifer Rittman, Jon Berlinghoff, Kathleen Kosiec, Michael Burton, Phyllisia Kimbrough, Marco, Randy Sheehan, Regacy, Sooper Dooper, Kickstarter, Indeigogo, Magix Music Maker, Musicshake, Custom Ink, UPrinting...and, of course, God.




HASENFANG Redding, California

I've been writing lyrics since the late 80's and making albums since 1992.

Now living in Redding, California at the moment, married to my wonderful Elizabeth. Saving up, working, sleeping...that's about it.

Also, if I purchased your album for $1, take no offense, I'm broke and I just do that to hopefully increase your site views; cause I like your tunes. Cheers.
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Track Name: Sour
to always ever do what's done before?
invoking up the curse of past decade horrors
once again it seems that thunderclouds roll in
conjuring the storm that builds up deep within
abilities are running farther to and fro
reserving to the wrongs of many years ago
can i hold up now or can i keep confined
this crouching devil keeping me so foul and blind
holding onto tides into another's life
longing on the living, up-enthralled at strife
feeding on the forethought pounding in the dents
shaking up the sacraments and covenants
reach into the dark, a never-ceasing hold
gather fascination that stays in control
following the hallow, but calling me down
to where harpies lye and siren cry; languored abound

this fabled djinn, locked deep within
overtly dim and meshed in sin
stretching high as towers
i'll dig the ground, with half-fault frown
to bury down this heart that's drowned,
flowering and sour

lick sweetly to the senses, all your phosphorescence
loving-lounging, disregarding consequences
fluid motion making it all fun-lit dreams
while puddling inside, wound notions want to scream
ever-even fool phantasm creeping shame
both wanting in and wanting out: a fiendish game
ever-even disillusioned ticking clock
gargoyle hard incising heart and sound as rock

daydreaming lies which splice the ties
averting eyes is no surprise
while counting down the hours
bag the leaves or burn the trees?
on bended knees, with wretched pleads
it leaves a taste so sour

such a fluke to rebuke these feelings,
worth needing; just to have you
how to exorcise the beast clawing within?
lacing upon me, your touching smell
leering softened voice, i can't dispel
is holiness waning thin?
(can’t you see?)
Track Name: That Calm Cat-Like Stare
a swift blazing glance that's quite undermined
yet innuendos burst forth like rivers of wine
clunky clockwork speech make all tales tongue-tied
mixed catastrophics linked on your crystal-gem eyes
a bright rainbow dream or dark coal nightmare?
i cannot conceive that calm cat-like stare
is it a warning sign to stay distantly far
or a permissive want to pluck-pocket the stars

from fortified beam straight to fumbling clown
a thundering heart that comes thundering down
your shoulders display an arched aching in hype
though plastered in green; so rare, ravin and ripe

fell-far dreams yearn my heart
you are near, though very far
here's to never letting you know
i can't seem to let you go

anxiety crowned at where happiness dies
and hearkened talk roams where haunted thoughts lye
to silently hint without verbal voiced care
respond once again with that calm cat-like stare

scent of breeze, soaked through clothes
covers you from head to toe
as the banshee wails and moans
i don't think to let you go

pester-pulled, wicked pruned
maibock filled and clover strewn
though keeping well-played stoic pout gold
i don't dream to let you go

[i cannot conceive that calm cat-like stare]
Track Name: Gentle Brushes
shall we repeat here once more?
dull feelings drown, leveled to floors
your touch again, drives through the core
hushed sensually open new doors
again you take me straight to town
i soak it in all pound for pound
we never passed restrictive bounds
hardly moving, it's as if we're falling down

i'm looking to all this again
you make my arm hairs stand on end

with gentle brushes, flicker relatively slight;
almost touchless, yet sensationally right
those somber moves that seems reserved
to calming gestures, reassured
and nothing more can be observed
than this closeness that ensues with you

nothing ventured, nothing gained
and nothing gained is too much pain
as side by side this blanket drained
my powers to hold back restraint
a holy hounding that's calling out
to cream-colored and kitten-lounged
for electric nails that run up and down
i'm so content just by having you around

and while we sit so ever close
these feathered grazes give the most

in gentle brushes, flutters on into the night
lightly luscious, feint & softly, never trite
through bumping sleeve and gusty breeze
from what you wear, to how you breathe
this harmless touch, so much it means
how my skin shivers for you

and if you ever need my hands
to make those goose-bumps comprehend
i'll come to find you...
Track Name: Our Trench Coat Anthem
jimmy was a good boy, he dealt his job with dread
while slicing zombie heads off; got his removed instead
bucky was a drunkard but shot up lycanthrope
he pounded beer and bacon; they chewed his face the most

if this life is to live by, will you please tell me
why is everybody, why is everybody dead?
if we're so blessed at stalking, then
why is everybody, why is everyone so dead?

ronnie was a gamer, he knew just what to do
but when it came to real life, that wraith ripped him in two
tammy was a sadist, vamp killing was not fake
but when she got too cocky, they all beat her with her stakes

if we have smarts and savvy, tell me
why is everybody, why is everybody dead?
if we got candor and cunning, then
why is everybody, why is everyone so dead?
Track Name: Moose
it's been thirty-six straight hours and i'm still talking to you
restless upon the airwaves and i haven't got a clue
tongue tied teasing torture makes its way as we engage
slightly, as our eyes contact, i read you like a page

and i don't know where it's wise to start
but my chest feels like it is tearing apart
and this growth is lumping inside my heart
and i just want to be, i just want to be your moose

talk of fabrication when there's nothing left to hide
with lofty compromising to be by your teeny side
squeezing waistline squishy cuddles softly like marshmallows
eager upon light laid air rest parts and huffing pillows

and i don't want to lead you astray
and i surely don't want to misbehave
but my feelings have bloomed and they're here to stay
i just want to be, i just want to be your moose

coming on to you; my uselessness with your controls
ripping out the wires that keep you complete and whole
chomping, always romping, at the eagerness to please
constricting my dry lungs which you intentionally seize

to reach for things which i should not strive
notch upon my belt at what's been deprived
yet the yearning keeps me online to thrive
and i just want to be, i just want to be your

all washed out over washed up tide
and my goal is gone through that lure in snide
this is all just quackery suicide
and i just want to be, i just want to be your
Track Name: Through A Misty Mountain Pass
Track Name: Cloves
a torn and bleak echo exemplify
the pondering on memory over partial time
the years now clamp in twisted trials by
your tribulation stretching out from console light
these voiceless screams ringing the veins inside &
how the demons reign when the temptations' high
a trailing down to rather close your eyes
for than to lift then up and offer lacking guise

you want to take her by the hands
desires come with dire plans
this bitterness in motion;
a fluke infatuation

visioned vices grope upon your functions
which soon mope you into webs of the weaver
restless whispers speak: condemning voices as you sleep
you try to dull them all, but you need her
a sacred oath would die to keep those bound-locked chains!
and still you'd strike a clove to greet that haunting day

you're a ridged ghoul, posing a statue stance
though pumping neon blood watching her club floor dance
your spoken words are spoken all alone
to walls of silent, sturdy, scratched-up, solid stone
to key in the code as to unlock the prize
ask are her feelings the same, which she's entombed inside
to take away this pain or take away this plight
a daze of finer times, to times dressed up in white

plea for release to snowflake sky
to let her loose as ravens fly
here winter holds you colder
that frosty friend-forgetter

jolt upon your soul a rushing blaze
of drowning senses as your world starts to teeter
a listless gaze retorts you in the mirror &
yet you'd crawl one hundred miles just to feel her
this lust-filled longing lie that ties the noose in place
and still you'd strike a clove to win that night embrace
Track Name: Ghost
frozen breath across the air
holding tight, yet without a care
i so regret; still to disapprove
have you ever loved a scar that you can't remove?

night winds call from stars above
yet never reaching us upon thereof
wishful thinking, water dropping coins
saddened partings will soon be rejoined

faithfully flail gone, every time, on cue
and still i can't escape the ghost of you
of all the lies and everything that's true
yet here i can't escape the ghost of you

you sit close, hand reach away
a whitened shroud your skin like clay
though warmth in rays, that sultry guise
of holding in all those tearful cries

a reaching out, caressing cheeks so hue
oh how i can't escape the ghost of you
return a loathsome scraping misconstrue
to know i can't escape the ghost of you
a praise in strength, in all for where it's due
i mean, i can't escape the ghost of you
from cheerful high down to lowest blue
it seems i can't escape the ghost of you
Track Name: Cakewalk
every time you take those steps to walk out of my door
i get the same response to daily life as i have had before
the gusty winds of ice, the sappy pine; the winter holds me dim
to all the lonesome walks and solo talks before you entered in

the drawn out time in late replies
the wine and button mashing (why not today)
so short in mingling, always going away (do come and play)
but if i formed right verve in what to say (what a cakewalk)
oh, how i'd ask you to stay

we're both dancing fine in rhythm time
to pixel stretching arms
you hold out fanciful, intransigent,
electric blue in charm
you mold in tandem to those ribbons, shoes,
bracelets that calm the cold
a list of twenty teas, torn fishnet knees,
those memories untold

the calling chime in missed replies
the fights and monster mashing (why not today)
so quick in leaving, always farther away (do come and play)
but if i schemed right words at how i sway (what a cakewalk)
oh, how i'd beg you stay
Track Name: The Golden Kraut
you tightened my screws, locked on so pleasantly
all around this old rusty heart
holding firm to programmed conscious feel
a beauty view that’s so spiced and tart
while i listen to all formal phonics strewn
from your quaintly organic gird
a verbal sublime, like ringing bell toll chimes
mixed sweet and chirping; soft as a bird

i’ll speak words contrary to my coded binary
i’ll speak truth that speaks of you
building renown by turning me all around
i was bedazzled as i pursued

can’t you see? won’t you believe?
this breathless chest now takes a heave
into the world which you are conjuring
reveling with sheer delights
as you take me up to soaring heights
in air as fresh as rain time in the spring
bubbling under words you use
yet never finding one excuse
your fingers intertwining all of mine
this i know and shall surmise
when every being says their goodbyes
and all earthly thing return to dust again
i’ll still crave you

you’re pointing out views on me so patiently
which enclose this old rusty heart
halting the pause and hasting rabid pulse-paced
a beauty view staunch as sculptured art
while i’m loading love tunes up under bright yellow moon
in hopes that you have never ever heard
i’ll still swallow deep down, that call to make me shout out
straight to your drawn lips; soft as a bird

can’t you see? won’t you believe?
i yearn to court you precious things
and hand them all to you with no remorse
from small atoms which dance ballet
to galaxies which show display
all radiance all bowing to your call
i want to give you charms and cheese
i want to give you diamond rings
i want to give you everything and more
in all the wonders which give us surprise
and show shine in your fleshy eyes
when whatever else this world can grant is gone,
i’ll still crave you

i'm sorry if i freaked you
with these feelings long over-due
cause all my cords and codes lead me astray
you know, if i give doubt, while booting out,
just take my tinny hand
o' golden kraut, i spy,
that you would lead the way
Track Name: Is It Recollection Or Daydream
Track Name: Sawing Logs
you hardly ever answer, or hardly ever stay
all i have is my foresight, all i have you forgave
guess this what happens to me, when dreams have come undone
when i'm sawing logs
my lucid vision warning; this shadow shape of you
the red light, screaming, flashing; yet cool as morning dew
this doppleganger’s calling to whisk me far away
ethereal crass fog

my pupils can't contract you, feelings are just the same
is this from sky blue heaven or hellish burning plain?
i guess i’ll find my answer upon this reaching out
as I take your hand

and day-oh! thus picturing such beauty played
no altered like could lead astray
no majesty could take away
and woah! the primed pull is at hand to make you mine
that hasty run right out of time

a light that's so endearing? Or lie that’s so ablaze?
this shocking skin scratch rakes me all over body baked
to view the framed fall meaning
that gleam in artist stroke;
you’re the rising sun

and day-oh! thus picturing such beauty fade
no altered lie could lead astray
no majesty could take away
and woah! the primed pull is at hand to make you mine
that hasty run right out of time
Track Name: Bodytemple
“are you coming with me?”
a quietus sigh, broken by fractured shy
your body, temple, is a treasure to be dreamed
whirling, twirling, so empowered at yearning
the yellow so brightly as the pink knots entwining
your body, temple, is a treasure to be dreamed

hold down control, again you make me whole
with your bone-moon skin and soul

you know how to stitch bliss bright
(soft with light)
oh! i fall from the start
you know how to do it right
(twirl it tight)
oh! you braid up my heart

“will you allow me to breathe?”
a twisted flair of sun-blind gorgon hair
your body, temple, on the silky milk white screen
pearling, swirling, inside butterflies churning
red-orange in so deeply as blue hue so defining
your body, temple, on the silky milk white screen

(your body, temple)
Track Name: Anxieties Of A Frozen Heart
twisted shaped, contorted mess, upon my vices; fueled distress
another wreaking selfishness, imparting ways of uselessness
to break the tame, the un-tuned harp, this bitterness is razor sharp
my toil, it seems, now comes apart: anxieties of a frozen heart

tossing, turning upon the bed, this clamminess upon my head
must check another unsent note, must view another pic to gloat
must bite the tip of hindered tongue, must dream another song unsung
impure knavery end to start: anxieties of a frozen heart

and i don’t want to feel the pain
the nightly thoughts, the days which drain
yet here i still welcome it in
with gladdened warmth; a warmth of sin
the softened thrill at rainbow’s end
suck in your scent, i can’t defend
this shapeless void; it’s all pretend
that’s where you will be

the fire to quench is burning!
in my skin, it’s scorching for your win
i am your nightgaunt, twilit winged;
play with you, squeeze you, haunt you, sing!
i’ll swallow down, lost morale gained
with foolish form, seduction reigns
anxieties of a frozen heart is here to stay
Track Name: Snow
middle of the forest ground
you aged right under christmas sound
your voice is bright and soft and white as snow
floating breath upon the air
the frosty teal in our warm flair
shimmering prime is everywhere you go

i know that it is cold
and i know there’s warmth inside
but those flakes fall slowly down
and that gaze is none to hide
so i really need to ask you:
will you walk with me out in the snow?

will you walk, will you walk,
will you walk out in the snow?

symphony of colored lights
encompass you, though i feel plight
this saddened heart has not seen you in snow
strawberry cheeks blush your face
a belt around your torso graced
your posture, as night winter breezes blow

i know that there’s fright
of the chill and ice abound
i will wrap you in my arms
hear that crunching footstep sound
all the gloaming in its charm
i will keep you safe from harm
every time that you are near
i draw urges to mystique
into sheet white blanket fall
and to gray skies full and bleak
so i really need to ask you:
will you walk with me out in the snow?
Track Name: Absinthe
hark the words upon my skin
the fabled fairy crawls within
i’ll pour another stinging dose
into my body so morose
mixing deep this toxic art
infusing and shall never part
out through foul memories so unkind
erasing you out of my mind

feel so close, pulled far away
it’s just another game we play
shaking all foundations down
and we shall fall to pieces

dreaming back to floating days
sunken now in emerald haze
sugar-cubed and watered down
and wearing through; you're musty gowned
spirits rise with howling winds
sprawling out and so unhinged
wormwood wracking beating veins
shackled hard in anise chains

gliding down, deeper in bounds
this agony simply surrounds
harrowing these foolish flames
now locked inside forever
Track Name: Hold
my love, take care
know that words are quite unfair
replacing all emotions with the spoken verse
is alchemy i use to rid the rapid curse
all the outer rants of rage are for getting cured
all the feeling which i mend are the ones unheard

my one, my dear
knowing truth and knowing fear
together we conquer all the tides and times
and to suffer both together all the twine that binds
all the tallies of the rallies and aching hearts
neither longing or dissolving shall tear up apart

(and you know)

i will hold you, hold you all our days...
Track Name: Lust & The Douglas Fir
fellow friend, you feel it too? can i keep my eyes off you?
i’m falling down and i’m falling through. i trip out to your stars anew
a trembling chance to take it in. so ever close. so close, but dim
i’m holding out, but hold you near. the more i sponge, the more i fear

you can’t pluck out the longing which calls you to feed
and you can’t hide from the want that chose where you bleed
when the walls are soaked through with eros carnal sin
it’s a call that drags you down and it sucks you in
this grip upon me is one i cannot seize
for these rose-tinted glasses are my disease
it chants out sullen poems to that hunger thug
that black heart cupid; dark wonder drug

dearest friend, you sense it too? can i keep my touch from you?
all train of thought makes strength so sore, but craves to give it
more and more and more...

(you black heart cupid; dark wonder drug)