Nocturnal Cafe

by Hasenfang

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This started out as a TR0LL album. The idea was that Brian and I were suppose to record 15 songs each and, at the end, the tally result should be an average of each track being about 2:30 minutes in length. That way, we could fit 30 tracks into one disk.

Well, as it turns out, I did all my songs in, literally, one evening. I started at like 7 pm and ended just before dawn. Everything was completely improvised. Brian, being beat down from working at a music department store, was burnt out anything having to do with music at the time and did not want to record. So, the album was left unfinished for over a decade. It wasn't till about a couple years ago, that I said "The hell with it!" and switch the artist title over to my solo portfolio. Here is the "finished" product...


released September 15, 2000

Written, recorded and produced by Michael Hasenfang
Recorded @ Sh*t Sound Studio, Madison, WI
(c) 2000 Hasenmusic




HASENFANG Redding, California

I've been writing lyrics since the late 80's and making albums since 1992.

Now living in Redding, California at the moment, married to my wonderful Elizabeth. Saving up, working, sleeping...that's about it.

Also, if I purchased your album for $1, take no offense, I'm broke and I just do that to hopefully increase your site views; cause I like your tunes. Cheers.
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Track Name: The Chicks & The Cats
So here you are again
Ready to take the crucial taunt of vocals in your head
Time to gather light, spoon and pack
Nobility to lingo with the chicks and the cats...

[incomprehensible, sputtered must chicks & cats]
Track Name: Sleep, Dream, I Don't Mind
Sleep, I don't mind
Dream of sugar plums dancing
Sleep where you hide
Dream; gingerbread men laughing

I don't know
I don't care
I don't know
When and where

Sleep, I don't mind
Dream, brag and bite
Sleep where you hide
Dream, wave the lights

I don't know
When and why
I don't care...
Track Name: Russian Roulette
[incomprehensible, sputtered must be Russian]
Track Name: The Jack-Off Song
[incomprehensible, sputtered must be Jack Kerouac reciting spoken word about masturbating while on heroin]
Track Name: Mr. Whiskey
Me and Mister Whiskey have a few more rounds to go, so...
Let's all walk on down to the local pub and have one

I don't want to go yet
Hey, barkeep, this one's on me!
This one's on me

Mister and I have a few more round to go, well...
It's OK, we got a few more things we need to sort out
Mister Whiskey will you take another shot from the bottle

No I don't want to go yet
Hey, barkeep, this one's on me!
Hey, everybody, Mr. Whiskey!

No I don't want to go yet
Hey Mister Whiskey will you help me finish this down
Barkeep, here's a solo, just for you
Just for you...
Track Name: I Wanna Be A Cocteau
[incomprehensible, sputtered must the Cocteau Twins...or a phony]
Track Name: The Clown Song
Clowns! Clowns, everywhere I turn!
Clowns are looking at me!
Walking over to me, with their water-tainted flower plastic
And their chickens all made of rubber.
What do they want from me?
They keep coming over to me with, smiling
With their big grins and their big honky noses
I don't know what's with them?
They're wearing plaid...I hate plaid!
Get the plaid away from me!
They sit and they squirt their little water guns
And they honk their horns
And they dance around through flaming hoops
I'm scared of clown. Clowns scare me.
I don't like the way that the clowns look
They all look so fucked up!
Why do clowns look fucked up?
Why do they keep taunting me?
Why do they keep coming at me?
This ain't even dream, I'm just sitting here
I'm not even at a circus, I'm at the park!
I'm enjoying my day off and there's a fucking clown!
What's going on? Why can't somebody stop them?
I don't want to see the clowns anymore, mommy!
They freak me out! Mommy? Where'd you go?
Oh shit! Mommy isn't here anymore! She ran away!
The clow...No! The clowns took her!
They took her away!
And they're poking and prodding her with pitchforks!
Oh my God, the things they can do with rubber chickens!
I just want the clowns to go away!
Maybe it's all the lithium and opium I took...
Track Name: First Sight
Oh bittersweet pathology of my mind's eye has brought you in
Vices of impurities, encompassing, are not a sin
Checking out your slumber ways, at lightning pace:
You're outer-plain
Feeling on the strands you sing; I eat them up, like candy canes

Oh, but if you go
Continue I to walk alone
But if you go
Continue I to stand alone

Kneading at all the ways my emotions take at a bitter pace
Scrambling at all the word, so they sound like I suffocate
Feeding at all the shapes, like jellybeans that taste like shit
Keeping all the tears I make for pillow fluff and blanket knit

Oh, but if you go
Continue I to walk alone
But if you go
Continue I to stand alone
But if you go
Continue I to make this joke
But if you go...
Track Name: Pygmy
[incomprehensible, sputtered must be a Pygmy tribe]
Track Name: I Wanna Be A Disco Boy
Mamma, I want to be a disco boy
Will you buy me a strobe light?
Mamma, I want to dance on the disco floor
Will you buy me a coke spoon?

I want to dance all night
I want to snort some white
Please help me, I need to get a life
Oh Mamma, will you help me to do the tango dance?
I need new pants
Track Name: Midnight Gypsy Dance
Track Name: Bluewine
Track Name: Chitterlings
[incomprehensible, sputtered must someone with a mouthful of chitterlings]
Track Name: Flower Punk
Met you at a concert, looked so good my eyes hurt
Saw you drinking java; smoking marijuana
'Round the legs, striped nylons, giving me a hard on
Pretty as a white dove, dressed up like a flower punk

I want to talk to you
Or say hello to one of your friends
And tell them that I like or shirt
Oh, would you like to roll in the dirt?

Give me a phone number, something to remember
Like a certain color. Do you have a lover?
Tell me if you like wine, give me a truthful line
Don't give me one that's lame; just give me your own name

Hand in hand
Or say hello to one of your friends
And touch you long black silky hair
Oh, please don't run; please, don't be scared

I wanna call
I wanna see
I wanna say hello
Please, don't say no
My flower punk...
Track Name: Shakin' My Voodoo Ass
Going down to Louisiana
With ten cents of nickles in my pocket
Heading on down to New Orleans
To get me a bottle of stuffin'
Takin' my mask I have in hand
Makin' myself a profit
Gearing all up for Mardi Gras
I noticed the puppets aloft

Shakin' my Voodoo Ass...

Headin' on down to Louisiana
With ten cents of nickles in my pocket