OPUS FUZZ [Blue Disk]

by TR0LL

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The year of 1997 was the year Brian Olson and I moved to Madison, Wisconsin, from our northern hometown of Hayward. TR0LL had already made three albums since that time; Minstrels of the Natural Language (1995), Paradox & Cheesepuffs (1996) and For the First Time, Fairy Music (1997). Previously, we only used a worn down karaoke machine to record our music...and with mono cords, at that. Living in Madison slowly changed up our equipment and style. Brian got a job working for Ward Brodt (a place where even the band Garbage shopped for their gear, among many others). His experience in that retail store, gave him an upper hand in what to look for for better equipment. Sadly...we were still broke. So, our first device for making music was nothing more than a Yamaha audio 4-track recorder and a $99 keyboard. This is where OPUS FUSS came into being. One mic, one guitar and one keyboard...all recorded on an audio 4-track. After a two year time off from our previous and last Hayward album, Opus Fuzz was finally finished in 1999, on the verge of the new millennium.

What you are hearing is the actual 4-track tape mix, funneled through LANDR Mastering and nothing more. Hence, labelled THE LANDR-TWEAK COLLECTION. As always with TR0LL albums, these downloads are all free. Opus Fuzz was a double album: Blue Disk and Orange Disk and are in no particular order to which is played first. Be sure to download both for the full effect.

WARNING!: To all my wife's friends, who are in the music department...this is HORRIBLE STUFF. There was no musical or vocal training whatsoever when it came to TR0LL. This is not going to be pitch-perfect opera singing. You have been warned!

~Michael Hasenfang


released August 1, 1999

TR0LL is Brian Olson & Michael Hasenfang
Recorded @ Sh*t Sound Studio, Madison, WI
(C) 1999 St'r Sl'r Inc.




HASENFANG Redding, California

I've been writing lyrics since the late 80's and making albums since 1992.

Now living in Redding, California at the moment, married to my wonderful Elizabeth. Saving up, working, sleeping...that's about it.

Also, if I purchased your album for $1, take no offense, I'm broke and I just do that to hopefully increase your site views; cause I like your tunes. Cheers.
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Track Name: What If I Told You My Sky Had Turned Blue?
Charms and rabbit's foot; call it what you will
Call it a lucky four leaf clover, for my world has tilt this way, to you!
You're not very far now, I can see you from here, even though you're miles away from me
My sky has tumbled, shifted and turned 1-8-0 degrees, I must say, for you!
Cause of you, I'm hopelessly happy, I'd of never believed it true
Come with me, along the way, down streets with the sounds of the opened-up window beats and the faces and the places you knew existed
Simplicity falls with us together once more...

This is the first time that I can recall, I wanted summer to come and wished for winter to fall away
And the birds and the bees in the sky have all changed their colors, changed their rhythm and changed their rhyme.
Years go by at the tick of the clock
I guess that good things do come from the people who wait, cause they stopped to smell the roses I thought that died
But now I realize; they've only bloomed from their world inside...

Rainbows rise and rainbows fall, but if you look hard enough, you'll find that pot of gold at the end of each and every one
Just take a breath, you're bound to find that one who gives it all and makes it all come through
By the way, I know it sounds kind of odd from a slug like me, who's been slammed and tossed
but my words shall stick me to like glue: "Been there, done that!", now that I finally found you...

And the words that you sing, I know that I can believe in you
And the words that you're saying, I know that I've been redeemed through you
Track Name: Downtown
So here we are, my little psycho friends, with our heads on the floor
And the spirals and circling faster now, as we enjoy the tracer lines

And we polished off the wine, let's brew another pot of coffee
Light a cigarette and laugh of stupid jokes
And the plants are dying
And the lines on our faces getting clear
And it's not the fluorescent lights

So here we stand, with our money in our hands
And the people are walking round and round
We're going downtown!

And the moon reflects the sun
And the snow reflects the moon
And the your face reflects the glimmer of the snow
And my eye's reflecting you

So here we stand, with our money in our hands
And the people walking round and round and round
We're going downtown!
Track Name: Nightclub Priss
Show me what you got, for I feeling a little longing for tonight.
I didn't come to leave alone and I need a girl like you.
Show me how to move and slide.
Twist and glide, make me yearn inside.
Close to you, feeling so alive.
In your black dress, under colored lights.

Let me watch you from my seat.
How you move so soft and slow, my sweet.
Show me how the rhythm takes control.
Show me how the colors make you glow.
Let the silkiness of your skin touch mine.
Drag me off you your corner, so confined.
Let my body do the moves that you do.
Show me how, I'll do anything with you.

Watch you come
Watch you go
Then I let you slip away

And now it's over...
Track Name: The Glow Of The Sun
Spiral, sweetness, glow
How you move, so close
Show me home
Take me home
It's everywhere you go
Track Name: Eternally Mine
Hey you there, with your bedroom stare
Look at me without a care
My razor teeth are bare
Come lift me away tonight
With her, everything will be alright
Under red sun candlelight
I'll take away your sight

This could be hell or heaven divine
You could leave now or be eternally mine

Hey you there, with your cat-like face
Surround you; give up the game
Take a walk down memory lane
Your sweat and blood flow down
As I turn you round & round
You made a slave a clown
As I beat you to a frown
Track Name: Egypt Is Rising
Egypt is rising
Fast apace
And knowledge is there to eat
Rising again after Jesus saved
It's bound, hardened
How serene

The last ship
The last ship
The line is down
As we slide

Egypt is alive
Egypt is rising

At last Egypt is Rising
Track Name: And I...
Who promised me a lie?
Fantasy passes you by
Children raining from the sky
Segregate unlawful high

Astral at your your door
Voice of pressure filters more
Essence faster, quick-like power
Petroid void; have to soar

And I only know my name
And I feel the restless shame
And I remake change in tides
And I watch the world as it dies

Through a passage narrow deep
Pray for Lord them souls to keep
Trench the rain and then you weep
Have your hatred, watch it seep
All in favor; begin this end
Madness reigns watch it bend
Seek a truth and will you send?
Message clear, clear ascent
Track Name: Littleton
My friend's head exploded today
Shot be the ignorance in his partner's hate
I watched as the blood pooled on the floor
Yet it seems like we have to ignore

This is the way it will always be, unless we open up our eyes and see
It's not what's on TV, know the difference between fantasy and reality

What's in your head?
My friends are dead
Their bodies bled
The color red

Another exploded today
Shot by the ignorance at the end of the gate
I watched as fear took the face
And we stand, frozen in our places
Track Name: LOVE
You hold your teddy bear an night and whisper soft words
Spilling out, onto the canvas; gesso white
You paint the picture in your mind
You wake slowly, from slumbered flights
The shower's cold and now it's time for coffee
Pen the paper-reading on the tube
You wait for Saturday to come and make sure that you put on the make-up right
Your lipstick color that your lead is killing me from social sight
Or maybe it's the color of your eyes, that caught me by surprise
They're cat-like green and I don't know the way you smile; the way you move
It's how I dream of you, waiting for Saturday as well
To meet you at a place I never seen you at before
Perhaps we'll make some plans to meet up there, or anywhere...
I noticed that the face you have is quite an angel shimmering
And what you need is love...

I see you 'round five times a week, unless you're sick or have some meeting so unknown to me
But it's OK, there's no catastrophe in watching you in hours that I need the company
And maybe there's something in you for me to say that what you need is love...

This social structure's ripping me apart
I want to see you once again
I fear my heart is ticking-tocking away from what might be
The chance I have to grasp the light you radiate from your face, seraphim queen: tall, slender body, hair of fluffy, tannish waves
You make me want to bleed, please let me be the one to take you by the hand
If I can stop you, I would hold you, within just this second-eternity
Please let me slip inside to show you what I can be
I'll be your everything, I'll be the fantasy you need
And Love, what you need is love...
Track Name: Syntharchy
Track Name: Far Away
Simple pleasure
Imagining means
All within your minds' eye
Dream of pasture, over yonder
Underneath the moon and sky
Waves are crashing upon the shore
Sunlight bursting past the window
Cloud-like mountains, foreign blue
Rocky summit makes me feel so low

And I want to go far away
And come back again, some other day
And I want to go far away
And come back again, some other day
Take me away, take me away
Some other day, Some other day...

Passive river flows so gently
Running through, stretching over
Wind is blowing through the valley
Through your hair, feel so sober
And I drink red wine, warm-soft pastries
Speak ancient language not your tongue
Visions all a bliss, an endless beauty
Take it in your heart and in your lungs
Track Name: Falling (part 2)

Oh! Falling out of the sky!
The sky is green!
[...and other random, nonsensical mumbling...]
Track Name: Sarsaparilla Sassafras
Sarsaparilla Sassafras
You sway the motion of Your hand
And the people turn Your way
To the claims that You have made
Sarsaparilla Sassafras
You change the color of the land
And the seasons they all fade
From the ones that You dismayed
Sarsaparilla Sassafras
Your water rushes over sand
Sarsaparilla Sassafras
You make the meaning of a man

I don't want to stay this way
I don't want to be astray
Sarsaparilla Sassafras
You Sarsaparilla Sassafras
I don't want to turn this way
I don't want to be astray
Sarsaparilla Sassafras
You Sarsaparilla Sassafras

Sarsaparilla Sassafras
You water rushes over sand
And the pebbles soon replaced
With the ones You washed away
Sarsaparilla Sassafras
You make the meaning of a man
And the cosmic solar rays
All of You they have portrayed
Sarsaparilla Sassafras
You sway the motion of Your hand
Sarsaparilla Sassafras
You change the color of the land

Sarsaparilla Sassafras
You Sarsaparilla Sassafras
Track Name: Hidden Thoughts, Whispered
Told you so
I haven't said a word
I keep you inside my promises unheard
Told you so
I haven't spoke your name
To keep it far away from me; to loose you in the blame

But will that change me?
Will it budge me off this sludge which I stand?
But will that sway me?
Will it turn me from the feel in your hands?

Told you so
I haven't said you would
I never spoke of lied that I knew never would be sure
Told you so
I haven't shifted sides
I'll keep you in my heart until we reach the end of time

But will that free me?
Will this make me more of the thing that I am?
But will you keep me?
Will you love me still the way that I stand?

But will you change me?
Will you budge me off this sludge which I stand?
But will you sway me?
Will you turn me from the feel in your hands?
But will you free me?
Will you make me more of the thing that I am?
But will you keep me?
Will you love me still the way that I stand?
Track Name: Back To Kindergarten
And the stars dissipate
And the night fades away
And the sky turns to day
And we go out to play