Apollo Ruined My Life

by Hasenfang

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HASENFANG : Apollo Ruined My Life
[A tribute to Inferno Nightclub ~ 1996-2015]

I can't say I was one of the "Grand Openers", when the Inferno Nightclub came into existence. I knew of it. I had seen the flyers. But I did not move to the Madison area, from my northern hometown of Hayward, till August of 1997. Rest assured, during that fall, once Brian Olson and I were settled in, we headed to check out the "scene" of Mad-Town, Inferno being one of our first stops. I instantly fell in love. It brought me back to the comfort and feel of my old stomping ground, while living in the southern suburbs of Chicago; a place called Off The Alley, in Homewood. More of a juice bar for tweens, it was a great starting point for my clubbing life. However, hence moving up into the world of adult drinking, whilst clubbing, Inferno was my initial home for that.

It was there that I met my soon to be Mad-Town friends. As much as I could, within that next decade of living around town, I tried to hit this amazing place, socialize and drink till I could not stand. Out of all the music Brian and I had done, we never once played at Inferno. It was a rule of ours to never sell an album (just give them away) and never play live. Guess, even when living above a nightclub, we still managed to keep that vow. Still...seeing all our friends come and go, performing and DJing...it was nice, even if we forced ourselves to be on the perpetual back-burner.

My music and Inferno did not go without their strong ties to one another though. The track list you see before you, are songs written about someone (well, not someone "singular", it changes individual per song...sometimes) who I knew there. From hellos to heartbreaks, this album I have compiled from past TR0LL and HASENFANG songs, based about those who I knew from Inferno. From regulars to workers...to Inferno itself (#1 track, Nightclub Priss), each song on here was composed about those who gave the very pulse to this club. As to keep the mystery, I will not mention who or what each song is about, but know, it is about what we once called our place of refuge, there on that great Isthmus.

Apollo, thank you for a great club. Thank you for the great times. Thank you for letting me be a couch louse with Brian, above the club, during my times of looking for a job and my own place (getting back on my feet). I am saddened to see this place go. It was the only club I could lounge and feel at home in. Good drinks, good music, good company...good friends. It will be nice to see what the future brings for Madison and all of us, where ever we may be in these days.

Cheers and love you all,
~Michael Hasenfang

[NOTE: From various albums, 1999-2008, this music varies from audio 4-track to digital zip disk to Pro Tools, so bare with me on much of change in quality per track. If you like the crappy recordings and quality of early WEEN, you'll love this. Also, all you Inferno regulars; there's a special at the end of this album: be sure to check out the last track, Living A Lie. If you want to hear what Brian Olson sounds like singing, there ya go. ;) He even wrote the lyrics. It was about someone we came to Madison with, but who was also a long time regular.]


released April 22, 2015

1999-2008 St'r Sl'r Inc. / HasenMusic
All music composed, performed and recorded by Hasenfang or TR0LL

TR0LL is Brian Olson & Michael Hasenfang




HASENFANG Redding, California

I've been writing lyrics since the late 80's and making albums since 1992.

Now living in Redding, California at the moment, married to my wonderful Elizabeth. Saving up, working, sleeping...that's about it.

Also, if I purchased your album for $1, take no offense, I'm broke and I just do that to hopefully increase your site views; cause I like your tunes. Cheers.
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Track Name: Nightclub Priss
Show me what you got, for I feeling a little longing for tonight.
I didn't come to leave alone and I need a girl like you.
Show me how to move and slide.
Twist and glide, make me yearn inside.
Close to you, feeling so alive.
In your black dress, under colored lights.

Let me watch you from my seat.
How you move so soft and slow, my sweet.
Show me how the motion takes control.
Show me how the colors make you glow.
Let the silkiness of your skin touch mine.
Drag me off you your corner, so confined.
Let my body do the moves that you do.
Show me how, I'll do anything with you.

Watch you come
Watch you go
Then I let you slip away

And now it's over...
Track Name: Pure Shine
Behind the wall; The hard, mundane
Experience which I did claim
From shot to shot, from day to day;
I was in gray, I was the same
For living life, as scarecrows do
And giving up, as dyers do
Enticing words of "nevermore"
Until I saw you walk through the door

The rainbow scarf, a driving mood
That flowing dress and leather boots
Your tee-shirt with a smiley face
A bullet hole, to mark it’s place

And now the darkness closing on me fades away
You’re pure shine!
With a light that is reflecting from your eyes
And what I’m seeing is celestial
You’re pure shine!
For I’m standing in the presence of divine

Another time, another space;
To make a move with solemn grace
Your taken heart was taken then;
I should have known that it would end
For living life, as scarecrows do
And giving up, as dyers do
Was never in your humble ways
Nor would upon your skin it graze

A lovely smile, yet nevermore
A fragile touch, yet nevermore
A scented voice, yet nevermore
Upon my soul you all did pour

I found the beauty which makes my heart stop & melt away
You’re pure shine!
And the joy that I thought was lost is alive
And though the feelings must be hindered
You’re pure shine!
And you're "radiance-impressing" all the time
Track Name: WANTED!
Side with the night
If it makes you feel OK, then everything's alright
Glide with the light
If you make it convincing enough, I think I might

I want you!
I want you!
I want you!
I'll give it all a try!
I want you!
I want you!
I want you!
I'll give everything a try!

Ride in the stars
It can't be too far away; can't be too far
Life down in hell
It can't be too dissolving, in fact, it rings a bell

I want you!
I want you!
I want you!
I'll give everything a try!
I want you!
I want you!
I want you!
I'll give it all a try!
Track Name: DJ U Sux
Hip-hop! Slam! Shazam!
You chop it all up, then you turn it into spam
Well, you think that you're a god; telling everyone you're "it"
When all you really are is another piece of shit

You've been taking ecstasy from the morning to the night
You've got bitches on the left, you got bitches on the right
You've got bitches everywhere, you've got bitches all around
But you're still a piece of shit, so these bitches won't go down

You've been taking all the beats and mixing in the time
With your scritchin' and your scratchin' and your Dr. Suess rhymes
With a wingin' and a whackin' and a thowin' in your bits
Fuckin' other people's songs, like a fuckin' piece of shit
With your spiky little hair and the flashy little clothes
Better show 'em what you wear, cause it's all you gotta show

Well you don't know how to sing and you don't know how to dance
Why don't you make your own songs, before I fuck you in the ass!

DJ, you fucking suck! [X?]
Track Name: DJ U Sux (part 2)
[random dickhead mumbling]
Track Name: The Glow Of The Sun
Spiral, sweetness, glow
How you move, so close
Show me home
Take me home
It's everywhere you go
Track Name: The Long Run
Highway stretch, feeding on our yesterday
How I mused with nothing more than that silent games we played
Passing yellow; Onward, heading home
And you resting through the way chilled me to the bone

We're distracted, but together now
And neglected, but together now
Suffocated, but together now
Amputated, but together now
Moving onward, but together now
Sighting starboard, but together now
What I have feared, we're together now
Although you're not here, we're together now

Fading now, all my wanted memories
How I held on to the lies that I led to believe
Failing changes, failing luck & hope
And above all, failing you, for things I couldn't cope

Holding down my thoughts of sin
Holding to my will to live
Holding on all of what seems true
Holding out on all the moves
Watching sunsets fade away
On this ride with you today
Stroking your hair; why defend?
Knowing this all soon will end
Track Name: Quickfuck (feat. Brian Olson)
Ejaculation! You like it like that? You fucking bitch!
Ejaculation! You like it like that? You little twit!
Masturbation is no fun, so sit on my twat!
Masturbation is my gun, without you sitting on it!

Make it quick! Get off my dick!

Ejaculation is no fun, without you on it
Masturbation! get off my dick, you fucking twit!

It is no fun, without you sitting on it! Masturbation!

Ejaculation! Ejaculation! Ejaculation! Masturbation!

[...fuck me...]
Track Name: The Beast
Step away, my beauty, for the stench of me is foul.
My eyes are blood red stains of light. My fur is matted down.
This black oil that moves through my veins is just as thick as glue.
My fingers are protruding claws and moving towards you.

I'm so cold. I'm so cruel.
Forgive me, if I'm honest, but you have led me astray.
To take this veil of refuge and make sure it's torn away.
To comment you, on how I feel; I'm a beast.

You seem to move in silence, cause you seem to watch me move.
This twisted, shattered mess, who only wants to speak to you.
Your heart will take in nothing, for I'm nothing in your eyes.
Heaven forbid I'm allowed just five minutes of your time.

I'm so old. I'm so crude.
A moments notice to give my cryptic words of dread.
The monster that I am has let it all go to my head.
To come at you, with this ordeal; I'm a beast
To come at you...I'm a beast.
Track Name: Bluewine
Track Name: Sarcastic Tango & Cynical Waltz
How long will I take these misshapen words of failings?
Entangled by this web of ill-forgotten days and longing?
To times when we thought we had it all and nothing more,
But never crossed a pattern to search for something more than what we were.

When it was you with him we all had fun.
The sands inside the hourglass were falling one by one.
But as the times moved on, you both moved in separate ways.
And my life was torn in two from your friendship set ablaze.

A masterful wit and a lust which falls;
A sarcastic tango & cynical waltz.
No step-by-step or sleeping moves
Have altered that which impresses you.
The spiral downward in a want that calls;
Why did we make it worse for us all?
A silent moment, that you didn't know;
And never will that moment grow.

Night after night, I tossed and turned: A haunting glaze.
It’s hard to keep emotions locked away from those you need.
It’s even harder to stay friends with you, so logical and plain,
When the residence that we all claimed is the place in which all our beds are laid.
Now falling from me, whispers in the dark
And prayers from mumbled lips to someone only walls apart
And thoughts of solitude, foreboding, cause it’s solitude with you.
Why is capturing your heart the hardest thing one has to do?
Track Name: Sore
Alkaline Starlight, how you enter inside of me
No, I can't seem to remember how to be your everything
Alkaline Starlight, how I enter inside of you
Though you can't seem to remember how to feel this sympathy too

Alkaline Starlight, how you enter inside of me
Oh, I want to remember how to be your everything
Alkaline Starlight, how I enter inside of you
Though you want to remember how to feel this sympathy too
Track Name: Cup After Cup
Gut-drop and Gut-rot
Cup after cup
Breathing you in second hand
Pen motions draw
Feeling and reeling
Watching you reading
Observe you drinking
Cup after cup

Stay! Stay!

Hallowed yet unfulfilled
Cup after cup
Eating every word you say
My stare prolongs
Dreaming and scheming
Laugh through the evening
As we’re refilling
Cup after cup

I’m happy just being next to you
Don’t go away
I've never felt this calm and anxious
For you always
Track Name: Bobo-Lovinz
Aw yeah!
I see you sittin' in the corner over there
Trying to ignore my personal charm
Hey there sugar plum, I see you're alone
Would you like a little bobo-lovin?
I know you gotz to have that bobo-lovin...

Aw yeah!
Shake it down for me
And show me what'cha got!
With a little ham on the side
Looking like a chitterling eatin' mother fucker!
Show me what'cha got, now!


Gotz to have that bobo-lovin...

Track Name: Living A Lie (feat. Brian Olson)
Yesterday, I gave away all my fears aside
Different now, I am today, lost in selfish pride
Yesterday, I bought a dress; Image of you inside
Beauty set to rest, a captured vision, in my hopeful eyes

Yet all this time, I poured my heart out
Only to be held out on the line
And all this time, when I felt this love
I was a part in living a lie
Not knowing why...

Yesterday, I saw you there, smiling in the rain
Wash away all your tears, cast forth another day
Yesterday, I held you near, to know you felt the same
And yesterday, kneeling by your side; My arms only to blame

And all this time, I poured my heart out
Only to be held out on the line
And all this time, when I felt this love
I was a part in living a lie
And all this pain
Lose to your ambition; I was naive
And here you left me
Not knowing why...
I'm living a lie
Living a lie...